The year is 2020 something and Daniel Fogner just sent a radio wave into space expecting it to reach a base station on Mars. The only problem is that it never made it. Using a new scanning technology that can determine the bounce point of a wave, Daniel bombards the area in which he sent […]Continue Reading
An astronaut lands on a planet that appears to be populated by a diverse alien race. But he soon learns they they are all extensions of an advanced singularity. An alien is captured by the U.S. government but later discovered to be a time traveler from an advanced and evolved species of human. An alien […]Continue Reading
The year is 2090 something and Parker Redbuckle is doing what he does everyday, exploring Virtual World, the top VR experience. He’s able to do this everyday because his Android, Robi 8-97 goes to work in Parker’s place. But the company that makes Robi 8-97 has just pushed out an upgrade on the Robot’s software […]Continue Reading
Today was definitely a monday, and I enjoyed yesterday’s architect idea so much that I figured I’d take a break on the quick sci-fi ideas for a day and post the first chapter of a book I’m working on. Sned In his stark-white, well-organized bedroom – in a home and town that isn’t of this […]Continue Reading