As human’s over populate the solar system, humans start building planet size space stations. A wealthy mad scientist creates a small army of assassin drones and takes out most of earths leaders in one day. A family adopts a small child on to learn it’s really a droid that a much older man downloaded his […]Continue Reading
The year is 2570 something and Ben Freezerbun has been alive a very long time. Two hundred and fifty years to be exact. And this is depressing because he’s the only one left. Around 180 years prior a violent virus swept over the earth killing almost everyone. But for whatever reason, Ben not only survived; […]Continue Reading
The year is 2080 something and Pedro Porterslander is grieving. His wife of twenty five years Amy has just died. Thankfully Pedro and his wife were early adopters of a new life-recording technology that will allow his wife to live on as a virtual A.I. Forever Live, an artificial intelligence and augmented reality company has […]Continue Reading
The year is 6350 something and Paisley Rambuckle has just created electricity. It’s believed to have been 3000 years since anyone supposedly had this ability. He can’t wait to tell his dad, Snockly Rambuckle, the owner of the steam powered device  producing factory in their small community of 5000 or so members. But his father, ignorant […]Continue Reading
The year is 2065 and Billy Carmansnicker is about to get the gift of the century. He’s just met a man named Timothy Flickticker. And Timothy is an upgrade traveler. He explains to Billy that his job is to travel the universe offering upgrades to various species on different planets, basically helping push evolution along. […]Continue Reading
The year is 2240 something and Jamison Yardpicker will send you into the future for a small fee. This is of course very illegal. Ever since the time travel debacle of 2199 time travel has been completely banned (beyond very controlled and voted upon government uses). Time travel violations are an automatic life sentence working […]Continue Reading