It’s been a million years since I posted something. But figured I’d start back out with a top 5 list. So these are five Artificial Intelligence story ideas/writing prompts….

A hot new toy comes out at Christmas capable of “bonding” with your child. It’s marketed as a solution to childhood loneliness, and towards parents with kids who have no friends. What could go wrong?

Married to an Android

In a not so far off future robotics and A.I. have become so advanced that it’s nearly impossible to tell a human from an android. After being with the same woman for 10 years, and now wanting to have children, some guy named Andrew realizes she might not be human…

Android Brain Download Story

In another not so distant future a company claims to have the ability to download your brain and put it into an android, giving you eternal life. However, the lead scientist/technologist has a secret. He’s capable of downloading some memories, but he’s not succeeded in truly transferring a consciousness. He makes up for that shortfall with highly advanced A.I.. The newly created androids know the truth, but those around them believe they are the previous person.

A.I. Future Story

In the very not so distant future, all jobs have been replaced by A.I.. Literally every single job. With humans seeming to have no purpose left beyond having fun, one man seeks to change the mindset of the masses and find productive purpose A.I. can’t fulfill.

Artificial Intelligence Enhanced I.Q.

A new brain implant is created that can supposedly boost the I.Q. of those it’s implanted in by combining organic consciousness with artificial intelligence. People rush to have the implants placed in themselves and their children. However, the original creators of the technology haven’t been honest about the true purpose of the tech, and it’s now in widespread use.

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