Overcoming writer’s block can be a challenge for even the most seasoned writers. One reason I started this site was to help any writer find inspiration and light a fire in their creative brain. Thankfully there are many ways to find inspiration for writing science fiction writers. Here are a few ideas to get you out of that rut and started on your next great sci-fi story:

Consider the future
Science fiction often explores what the world might look like in the future. Think about how technology, society, and the environment might change, and how these changes might impact the way we live.

Imagine new worlds
Science fiction often takes place in worlds that are very different from our own. Consider creating a world with its own history, culture, and rules, and think about how these elements might influence the characters and events of your story.

Consider the impossible
Science fiction often involves elements that are not possible in the real world. Think about what might be possible in the future, or in a world with different laws of physics or technology. How might these elements change the way people live and interact?

Explore social and political issues
Science fiction can be used to comment on and explore current social and political issues. Consider how these issues might be different in the future, or how they might be impacted by technological or societal changes.

Embrace the unknown
Science fiction often deals with the unknown, whether it be other worlds, advanced technology, or the mysteries of the universe. Embrace this sense of mystery and wonder, and let it inspire your writing.

Look to the past
Science fiction often incorporates elements from the past, such as historical events or cultural traditions. Consider how these elements might be reinterpreted or incorporated into a futuristic setting.

Consider different perspectives
Science fiction can be used to explore different perspectives and experiences, whether they be human or non-human. Think about how your story might be different if it were told from the perspective of an AI, an alien, or a character from a different time period.

Experiment with structure
Science fiction can be told in a variety of ways, from traditional linear narratives to more experimental structures. Consider using non-linear storytelling techniques, or playing with the conventions of traditional science fiction storytelling.

Play with genre
Science fiction is a broad genre that encompasses a range of sub-genres, such as cyberpunk, space opera, and military science fiction. Consider incorporating elements from different sub-genres, or mixing and matching elements from different genres to create something unique.

Have fun
Above all, have fun with your writing! Science fiction is a genre that allows for a great deal of creativity and imagination, so let your ideas run wild and see where they take you.

Hopefully these tips for overcoming writer’s block helped you in some small way. If they did, we’d love to hear the ideas you come up with. Just drop us a comment below or reach out on

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