Prison Planet

Prisoners of the future are dropped on a prison planet via teleportation and left to fend for themselves.

Brain Recorder

A man can secretly record information from the brains of others using nanotech.

Self Replicating Army

One man creates his own loyal army by developing a self-replicating warrior robot.

Android Kids

In a future world where pregnancy is deemed unfashionable, people opt for lifelike android babies that can be upgraded to older ages as desired.

Frozen Zombies

After the inevitable zombie outbreak of the future, one scientist discovers that even mild freezing temperatures will stop the zombies. So he devises a freeze bomb which sends us into a new ice age (but at least the zombies are frozen!)

The Mind Changer

A young man is discovered to have the ability to telepathically change people's minds. He's kidnapped by an evil ruler set on using the man's abilities for his own gain.

Alien Droids

An army of alien droids is sent to earth to neutralize us and take over. Our only hope is a negotiator sent to the Alien's home planet to negotiate peace with the actual aliens.

Droid Family

A family moves to a new town but is quickly brought under suspicion after one of the children is injured in an accident at the local fair, revealing that the child is actually an android.

Rationed Healthcare

In a crowded dystopian future, healthcare has improved to the point where even cancer is cured, assuming you can access treatment. But people are judged on their "worthiness" before being accepted for treatment, based on their accomplishments and station in life.

Evacuating Through Time

Due to an unexpected natural disaster, it's time to evacuate earth. Man has long colonized Mars and the Moon up to this point, but there's no room on either for the population of earth. Their only hope is a time traveler who's come from the future (he's from Mars) with a device capable of opening a portal large enough to transport the current population of earth 10,000 years into the past when the earth was far less populated.

The Smart Ones

In a distant future, earth has become a fairly dumb place where there's little value placed on intelligence. A secret super-intelligent society has been growing on earth for the past 100 years. Members of the society all share a genetic trait that makes their IQ far higher than we thought even naturally possible. And they've all decided it's time to start exercising their intelligence for their own good.

The Planet Network

In the year 2300 a teleportation network has been set up between over fifty human-inhabited planets. We've yet to find any proof of intelligent life beyond our own. But that's just because they've been asleep.

Uncontrollable Telepathy

By the year 2400 humans have evolved to have uncontrollable telepathy. People can't keep their thoughts from being "overheard". An inventor creates a helmet that can block the transmissions. But little do his customers know, but he's recording their thoughts.

Ancient Space Ship

A broken-down ship is discovered floating through space by an intergalactic starship. But they find evidence aboard that indicates the ship might actually be thousands of years old and holds secrets to the past.

The Fake Family

A man creates an android family and shows up for Christmas dinner with his parents after having been gone for a couple of decades. But there's a glitch they all share, turning them into murdering machines.

Contagious Dumbness

A virus sweeps over the earth that makes people dumber. There's a race to come up with a vaccine before they are too dumb to make one.

The Genie

A man realizes he's from a long line of genies and decides to carry on the family skills. However, he's not particularly great at granting wishes. Thinking he's helping people, he actually unintentionally ruins their lives.

The Clone Son

A boy discovers that he's actually a perfect clone of his father. Which in itself is creepy. But it's also given him the unfortunate side effect of having some of the memories of his father's past. And there's some stuff he'd rather not know.

Remote Control

A woman is abducted by Aliens and then returned to earth as a tool with the ability to control the thoughts of others.

Underwater Zombies

In the year 3212 one-tenth of the earth's inhabitants live in massive under-the-ocean dome communities. As a zombi virus starts ravaging the earth, they are forced to seal off their entrances in order to prevent the illness from entering their colonies. But one got in.

The Mini Human Terrarium

A demented old mad scientist gets lonely and discovers a way to shrink people, creating his own human terrarium in his house.

The Missing City

An entire city population vanishes. But one man thinks he knows where they went, and he's on a crusade to prove it.

The Invisible Family

A family wakes up one morning, completely invisible while the rest of the world is still completely fine and visible.

Less Gravity

In the year 2300 the Earth has been slowly losing gravity for months and no one knows why. One man wakes up to find that his family has somehow floated out of the house. Now he must navigate an increasingly vertical world to find them.

Saving Time

In the year 2405 time machines have been around for years already. But they are mostly used for research. But after a researcher's son kills himself, he makes the journey back to try and save him.

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Buff Straw
Buff Straw
3 years ago

I’m new to this sort of thing. Can I leave a suggestion for a new sci-fi idea?

3 years ago
Reply to  Richard

I’ve been going through this site for a while now, and eventually submitted an idea about a mad scientist trapping kids in his own terrarium. (Never got to finish it, my phone was stolen.)
Can I submit another idea? And one day I saw that there was a new “Forums”, but I didn’t go to it and instead browsed ideas. Where did it go?