The year is 2420 something and Edwark Myrken has just discovered a new planet. For the past fifteen years he’s been on a four man expedition to discover the origin of a radio signal that appears to be emitting from a local solar system. Unfortunately by the time he reaches the responsible planet the rest of his crew had died, and he himself is on his deathbed. Just as he approaches the planet he loses consciousness and awakens in some sort of hospital room surrounded by other humans. At least they appear and claim to be human.

After a few days Edwark is released and offered a more permanent living accommodations. Despite his insistence that his host tell him more about themselves, they simply tell him that all will be revealed in time.

Edwark doesn’t complain. His new accommodations are pristine and peaceful. And this new planet appears to be free of many of earth’s trouble. Food and other goods are abundant. Most inhabitants appear to spend most of their time with intellectual endeavors.

After about four months Edwark starts to suspect something isn’t right with his fellow inhabitants, which seem to number in only the tens of thousands despite the expansive city they all live in. There seems to be no one over the age of fifty. And they are all extremely nice. Almost unrealistically. There is no death. And he can’t even remember having run into anyone in a bathroom despite there being public restrooms everywhere.

One day he wakes up and finds the entire city still, as if frozen in time. People are just standing around like lifeless statues as he walks the streets.  This is when it becomes apparent to Edwark that the humans he’s been interacting with are actually androids. After several weeks of living among the lifeless and apparently deactivated robots, Edwark sets out on a mission to find real life on this new planet.

Will he find life? Or is the world he’s found just some form of strange simulation?

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