An astronaut lands on a planet that appears to be populated by a diverse alien race. But he soon learns they they are all extensions of an advanced singularity. An alien is captured by the U.S. government but later discovered to be a time traveler from an advanced and evolved species of human. An alien […]Continue Reading
The year is 2090 something and Perry Pinesnickle is debating a drastic change to his life. The Simple Life Virtual Reality Company offers individuals like Perry the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives within a virtual reality pod where they consume less resources, yet live a perfectly satisfied VR existence. All it […]Continue Reading
The year is 2020 something and Tommy Appletot is working hard to save the future. Every morning at 6:30 a.m. a small box sent from the future appears on Tommy’s doorstep. Inside the box is a set of directions Tommy has to follow for that day. The year is 2350 something and James Brickenpicker is […]Continue Reading
The year is 4090 something and the world has gotten a lot bigger. Earth has long been lost to an alien race from the Magnorium Quadrant. Humans have since scattered to various corners of our own galaxy. Kip Snipsnider is a tenth generation intergalactic ship builder who’s family designed and built some of the first […]Continue Reading
One theme that I think is unfortunately ignored a lot in modern science fiction is the idea of underwater civilizations. I think that might be because of the really creepy idea of living underwater. And its dark… Regardless, I’ve wondered if we’ll indeed one day inhabit the ocean floor. In my own mind I’ve pictured […]Continue Reading
I know this is a simple way to start. But sometimes simple is where great ideas come from. So I figured I’d go ahead and brainstorm some common science fiction themes. Space Time Travel Cyberworlds Aliens Robots Viruses Dinosaurs Ocean Exploration Artificial Inteligence Biodomes Cyborgs Clones Invisibility Teleportation Origins of life * illustration from Forbidden […]Continue Reading