In the spirit of October and Halloween I figured I’d do a few horror/scary writing prompts. I find it a little more challenging to come up with horror story ideas. Most great horror fiction is just some adaptation of a previous ideas, with different characters and story lines.

Family in the walls

The Middleton family just purchased a massive mansion that many of the locals claim is haunted. In reality a hermit family has been living in a secret apartment under the basement for many years, only coming out at night, and primarily traveling through the walls and surviving off of things they take from the people in the house. Unfortunately for the other occupants of the house the hermit family has a particularly strong craving for human.

Night Walkers

In the town of Smiddleton nighttime is terrifying. After the sun goes down, most of the town turns into night walkers, feeding on the brains of those not yet affected. Then as the sun comes up they return to normal feeling completely rested. Most have learned to secure their homes so that they can’t leave and other potential walkers can’t enter. But the Marleys just moved in and are unaware of this town’s strange secret.

Hypnotic Murder

The small town of Pickenose VA is in the middle of its worst murder streak in history. The problem is that the suspects are different for each murder with no known motives. However, each of the suspects has one thing in common. They each attended the same party supporting a local city hall candidate three nights before the murder began. Little did they know, but a world renowned hypnotist was also at that party, hired to be there by someone with vendetta against the candidate.

The Giver of Nightmares

One by one residents in the small town of Nightsville NC are falling into deep comas with no medical explanation. Now four weeks since the deep sleeps began and one man has finally awoken. And his tale is one of terror that includes every one of the those still asleep.

The Killer House

The McDuddleys have just moved into their dream home. Unfortunately the previous owner thought it might be fun to make it their nightmare home. Unknown to the new owners, the house is booby-trapped, with no way to escape. They have 24 hrs to survive until the house is disarmed.

The Killing Competition

Two recently released prisoners are offered freedom and a million dollars to the winner of a competition to see who can murder the most people in 24hrs, with the entire thing filmed through a hacked video security system and streamed live inside a locked-down vegas hotel.

The Nightmare Ship

A cruise markets itself as a haunted ship, offering passengers a week of scary fun on the high seas. Little do the passengers know, the real scares come when they sleep, and the ship shapes their dreams into nightmares so scary, some don’t wake up.

The Kid Eater

Bobby was kidnapped by a man claiming he knew Bobby’s parents and that they were injured in a car wreck. Only 10 years old, Bobby gets in the man’s car, and ends up on a farm where a man sells human meat to wealthy buyers. Normally he kidnaps older homeless people. But a buyer has offered the man a million dollars for a child.

Stalkers Anonymous

A secret society of stalkers meets weekly to share their stories of the people they are stalking. However, the tables have turned and the group is now being stalked by someone even eviler than themselves.



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Nidhi Tolani
Nidhi Tolani
3 years ago

It was really helpful for me but in contrast to add with I want to know that do you have any competitions or online library . If yes from where can I log in? I would also like to add that this amazing website of your is of great help and helps in developing more of good qualities in these si fi stories . Thank You

3 years ago
Reply to  Nidhi Tolani

Exactly I’d love to participate in something like that!

Nidhi Tolani
Nidhi Tolani
3 years ago

Well I like the different genres where you help the people to innovate there ideas and grow into the best and well known poets and authors