Johnny’s a man with a shady past and he’s just been identified as the assassin of the United Federation of Nation’s 20th president. Thankfully there’s a solution for guys like Johnny – The Eraser Man. For a large fee the Eraser Man is a mad scientist who can not only change your life, but also […]Continue Reading
The year is 2090 something and Robert Jimsnicker has just finished his greatest invention, the invisibility bodysuit. In his excitement he makes the grave mistake of posting a demonstration of the bodysuit on Facebook. The video racks up 40 million views in just a few hours. The next morning Robert is discovered by his neighbor […]Continue Reading
The year is 4090 something and the world has gotten a lot bigger. Earth has long been lost to an alien race from the Magnorium Quadrant. Humans have since scattered to various corners of our own galaxy. Kip Snipsnider is a tenth generation intergalactic ship builder who’s family designed and built some of the first […]Continue Reading
The year is 2130-something. And technologist/scientist professor Yazoo has developed a nanotechnology that allows him to secretly connect his brain to others by releasing small nano bots that enter sleeping subjects heads while they sleep and implant within their brains. His intentions for his invention are innocent enough. He simply uses the technology to read […]Continue Reading