The year is 2130-something. And technologist/scientist professor Yazoo has developed a nanotechnology that allows him to secretly connect his brain to others by releasing small nano bots that enter sleeping subjects heads while they sleep and implant within their brains.

His intentions for his invention are innocent enough. He simply uses the technology to read the minds of subjects who’s thoughts might benefit him financially or in other small personal ways. But his research is hacked and documentation for the technology has fallen into the wrong hands.

It quickly becomes a battle of the minds as Yazoo searches for his thief and attempts to out-wit them before they carry out what he believes to be a sinister plan on a disastrous global scale.


Note: I conceived and typed today’s post completely from scratch in 8 minutes…. Today’s photo is just a tribute to the greatest mind reader of all… Professor X. If your reading these posts for the first time and think they are insanely simplistic, its because this is an exercise in quick brainstorming. The idea is to see if I can come up with something brilliant after a few hundred of these.



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