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This Alien Story Ideas post has been on the internet for a couple of years and to be honest was originally created in about five minutes just to test something. The idea behind this site is to share at least somewhat decent science fiction story ideas. However, the first six original ones in this list are not the greatest alien story ideas. So for the past two years many people have been entering this site through a page with some pretty weak ideas. But since it’s the most popular page on this site (from Google) I figured I’d add some better ideas below the original list of 6 in hopes that people won’t think content on this site is this cheesy. Some of them are not alien specific lists but do have alien related ideas scattered among them.

  1. A man travels into the future and finds an earth inhabited by a different alien race.
  2. An alien crashes on earth and must find materials to repair his space craft.
  3. An alien race finally makes contact. But the scientist who discovers the first contact keeps it to himself and paints a totally different picture of earth than is actual reality.
  4. A newly elected president discovers the truth about government UFO coverups and decides to go public.
  5. An alien race with advanced invisibility technology lands.
  6. A family is entrusted to host the first alien visitor. But he ends up being an emotional and demanding house guest.

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