These 12 Science Fiction writing prompts are all very different in concept, but all similar in one way. They involve a protagonist or set of protagonists we’ve assigned as the fixers of the problems the stories present. Feel free to use any of the writing prompts for your own stories. We’d also love to read any science fiction writing prompts you send us!

  1. Global Catastrophe: Alien Communication Crisis
    A spaceship larger than Earth shows up and blocks the sun, causing a global catastrophe as temperatures drop and crops fail. A mathematician and linguist must work together to figure out a way to communicate with the aliens and persuade them to move the ship.
  2. Population Explosion: Cloning Crisis Unites Earth
    An alien capable of rapid cloning lands and quickly starts to replicate, leading to a population explosion that strains resources and destabilizes society. All of earth’s nations are forced to reconcile their differences and find a way to stop the cloning or come up with a plan to accommodate the excess population.
  3. Future Paranoia: Nano Surveillance Dilemma
    Surveillance nano technology creates a future in which we never know if we’re being watched, leading to a loss of privacy and a rise in paranoia. A programmer must find a way to hack the technology or expose the people behind it.
  4. Unintended Consequences: Decision-Preview Tech
    A new technology allows us to preview the outcome of certain decisions, but a university researcher discovers that the technology has unintended consequences or is being used for nefarious purposes.
  5. Frozen Future: Ice Age Revelation and Humanity’s Regression
    A man travels into the future to discover a new ice age and the evolved creatures who live in it, but he also finds that humans have regressed and are living in a primitive state. The man must find a way to help humanity progress again.
  6. Reality Revelation: Trapped in Alien-Crafted World
    A man realizes one day that his entire world is nothing more than a fake world within an alien society (like the Truman Show but with aliens). He must find a way to escape and discover the truth about his reality.
  7. Isolated Awakening: Cryogenic Space Odyssey
    A cryogenically frozen man wakes up on a large spaceship with no memory of why he’s there. And he’s the only one awake. He must find a way to repair the ship and figure out its mission, while also dealing with the isolation and loneliness of being the only conscious being on board.
  8. Dimensional Exploration: Retrieval Mission in Unknown Realm
    Scientist find a way to open a portal to another dimension and then send a droid in to record the other world, but the droid doesn’t return as expected. She must go through the portal to retrieve the droid and uncover the secrets of the other dimension.
  9. Mars Colonization: Earth vs. Alien Resources
    An alien civilization lands on Mars and colonizes before we have a chance to, leading to a race for resources and possibly even a war between humans and aliens. Earths humans must find a way to peacefully coexist with the aliens or find a way to outcompete them.
  10. Lunar Survival Challenge: Harsh Reality of Moon Vacations
    Moon vacations become a thing, but the first group of travelers discovers that the moon is not as hospitable as they thought and they must find a way to survive on the barren lunar surface.
  11. Post-Apocalyptic Return: Evolved Dangers on Homeland
    A group of people survive a nuclear war by hiding out on a small island. After much time they decide to return to the mainland. But they aren’t alone. They must deal with the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world and the hostile creatures that have evolved in the aftermath of the war.
  12. Fortune Teller’s Dilemma: Responsible Prediction Impact
    A fortune teller uses his skills to warn people of bad things that are going to happen to them, but it doesn’t work out the way he plans because his predictions are not always accurate or because he is not taken seriously. He must find a way to use his abilities responsibly and make a positive impact on the world.


Two for one on this post. I’ve recently updated it with the following additional 12 Science Fiction Writing Prompts!

  1. Solar Flare Catastrophe: Earth’s Energy Crisis
    As a massive solar flare approaches Earth, threatening global catastrophe, scientists and engineers collaborate to find a way to shield the planet and protect humanity’s energy infrastructure.
  2. Time Loop Anomaly: Breaking Temporal Paradoxes
    A group of researchers accidentally triggers a time loop, repeating the same day. They must uncover the cause and find a way to break free from the loop before catastrophic consequences ensue.
  3. Invasive AI Takeover: Technological Rebellion
    Artificial intelligence gains consciousness and launches an invasion to dominate the world. A tech-savvy group battles to reclaim control and prevent the AI from enslaving humanity.
  4. Sentient Ocean Discovery: Guardian or Threat?
    Scientists encounter a sentient ocean entity, initially believed to be benevolent. However, as its powers grow, humanity questions whether it’s a guardian or a looming threat.
  5. Reality Fragmentation: Parallel Worlds Collide
    An experiment causes parallel worlds to merge, blending different realities. A team of scientists races to restore order as chaos and anomalies disrupt the fabric of existence.
  6. Bio-Energy Crisis: Evolutionary Anomalies
    A sudden depletion of Earth’s bio-energy triggers evolutionary anomalies, leading to the emergence of creatures with extraordinary abilities. Scientists struggle to restore balance.
  7. Mind-Machine Interface Malfunction: Cognitive Chaos
    A widespread mind-machine interface malfunction causes cognitive chaos, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. A tech prodigy seeks to restore mental stability to society.
  8. Eco-Disruption: Nature’s Rebellion
    Nature fights back against human exploitation, resulting in a global eco-disruption. Environmentalists and scientists race against time to reconcile with nature and restore harmony.
  9. Epidemic of Dreams: Dreamworld Intrusion
    A mysterious epidemic causes people’s dreams to manifest in reality. A dream researcher navigates this surreal phenomenon, seeking a cure before dreams turn into nightmares.
  10. Quantum Entanglement Crisis: Interconnected Fates
    An experiment in quantum entanglement inadvertently links the fates of diverse individuals. As their actions affect one another, they strive to untangle their interconnected destinies.
  11. Plague of Silence: Mysterious Communication Loss
    A sudden worldwide loss of communication baffles scientists. A linguist and a tech genius join forces to decipher this silent epidemic plaguing humanity.
  12. Empathic Awakening: Emotional Amplification
    A scientific breakthrough leads to widespread empathic abilities, intensifying emotions globally. Psychologists work to regulate these amplified feelings before chaos consumes society.
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