1. A spaceship larger than Earth shows up and blocks the sun.
  2. An alien capable of rapid cloning lands and quickly starts to replicate.
  3. Surveillance nano technology creates a future in which we never know if we’re being watched.
  4. A new technology allows us to preview the outcome of certain decisions.
  5. A man travels into the future to discover a new ice age and the evolved creatures who live in it.
  6. A man realizes one day that his entire world is nothing more than a fake world within an alien society (like the Truman Show but with aliens).
  7. A cryogenically frozen man wakes up on a large space ship with no memory of why he’s there. And he’s the only one awake.
  8. Scientist find a way to open a portal to another dimension and then send a droid in to record the other world.
  9. An alien civilization lands on mars and colonizes before we have a chance to.
  10. Moon vacations become a thing.
  11. A group of people survive a nuclear war by hiding out on a small island. After much time they decide to return to the mainland. But they aren’t alone.
  12. A fortune teller uses his skills warn people of bad things that are going to happen to them. But it doesn’t work out the way he plans.
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