1. As human’s over populate the solar system, humans start building planet size space stations.
  2. A wealthy mad scientist creates a small army of assassin drones and takes out most of earths leaders in one day.
  3. A family adopts a small child on to learn it’s really a droid that a much older man downloaded his consciousness into.
  4. In the year 2099 aliens finally make contact and spread a virus that renders the human race steril so that they may eventually take over the earth without having to fight us.
  5. A man discovers a perpetual motion machine in a 100 year old abandoned warehouse.
  6. In his last will and testament, a man leaves his grandson a house that ends up being a portal to another dimension.
  7. A far advanced planet shows up next to earth one day. It’s apparently been there the entire time, only cloaked.
  8. Using advanced nano tech that can fuse to organic material, a mad technologist creates real life zombies.
  9. In the process of developing a teleportation device a man accidentally sends his wife to a netherworld.
  10. A woman wakes up one day and realizes all time around her is frozen.
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