The year is 2080 something and Pedro Porterslander is grieving. His wife of twenty five years Amy has just died. Thankfully Pedro and his wife were early adopters of a new life-recording technology that will allow his wife to live on as a virtual A.I.

Forever Live, an artificial intelligence and augmented reality company has created a way to record and process so much of a person’s life, mannerisms and personality that they are able to leave their loved ones with a virtual version of themselves. Loved ones can then see and interact with the new version of the deceased by wearing special augmented reality glasses.

At first Pedro is amazed at how similar virtual Amy is to her original self. Having both spent a month on a Forever Live retreat, Amy and Pedro both recorded stories and facts about their lives that could later be used as data. As such, Virtual Amy knows many things about their lives together. However, Pedro starts to notice Amy bringing up information he would never have expected the real Amy to reveal. She believes things the real Amy would never have believed. She has questions he would never have expected the real Amy to ask.

As Pedro starts to question the validity and purpose of Forever Live, he also becomes a target of an organization he never knew existed. Will he have time to learn the truth and expose the secrets of Forever Live? Or will he prematurely become nothing more than a virtual version of himself?


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