The year is 6350 something and Paisley Rambuckle has just created electricity. It’s believed to have been 3000 years since anyone supposedly had this ability. He can’t wait to tell his dad, Snockly Rambuckle, the owner of the steam powered device  producing factory in their small community of 5000 or so members. But his father, ignorant of the possibilities electricity brings,  is not very receptive of his discovery. Having basically led a new industrial revolution, their family has made a great living by building steam powered machines.

Fearing a major disruption in their way of life, his father has him kidnapped in the middle of the night, carried a couple of thousand miles away, and sold into slavery in another society. But Paisley is sold to the wrong person; a man who  believes in his ideas. Together they start a technological revolution.

But his father is still not happy and sets out to undo all of his son’s progress. Will the two eventually come together for the betterment of the world? Or will the Sr. Rambuckle manage to send us in to a permanent steam powered dark age?

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