The year is 2065 and Billy Carmansnicker is about to get the gift of the century. He’s just met a man named Timothy Flickticker. And Timothy is an upgrade traveler. He explains to Billy that his job is to travel the universe offering upgrades to various species on different planets, basically helping push evolution along.

So he asks Billy a very simple question. If there were one thing about the human race he’d like to change, what would it be?

Billy, being a fairly bright guy, tells Timothy that he thinks it would be a huge upgrade if humans could breath underwater.

The new ability is a huge hit with the human population in general. As humans undergo the change, a massive migration starts in which they chose to leave the over populated and polluted dry lands for the cleaner and more open ocean floor. But as humans leave the known challenges of dry land, they discover many new ones underwater.

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3 years ago

Good! I love this idea!