The year is 2240 something and Jamison Yardpicker will send you into the future for a small fee.

This is of course very illegal. Ever since the time travel debacle of 2199 time travel has been completely banned (beyond very controlled and voted upon government uses). Time travel violations are an automatic life sentence working in the iron mines of mars.

But Jamison is making a cushy guilt-free living because he only sends people into the future using a device that automatically brings them back to the current time after they spend just two hours in the future.

A young millionaire by the name of Snipper Sebastien has just paid Jamison a handsome fortune to send him farther into the future than any man has ever traveled. But Jamison suspects Snipper has  returned a slightly different person. It’s not obvious at first, but after a few minutes of routine observation Jamison notices that Snipper is a little shorter. An inch shorter to be exact. He also seems to have developed a slightly different accent.

Is Snipper the same person? Or some kind of imposter from the future? What did Snipper encounter over 4000 years into the future? Despite his rule to never time travel himself, Jamison decides to take a trip to the same time period himself.

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