Zombie on Mars A new virus has struck on Mars, turning a colony’s inhabitants into zombies. One last habitat has managed to remain locked down while the rest of the planet is devoured. Time Travel Alien Invasion A time traveler travels to the future into the middle of an alien invasion. But he has an […]Continue Reading
Prison Planet Prisoners of the future are dropped on a prison planet via teleportation and left to fend for themselves. Brain Recorder A man can secretly record information from the brains of others using nanotech. Self Replicating Army One man creates his own loyal army by developing a self-replicating warrior robot. Android Kids In a […]Continue Reading
The year is 2020 something and Tommy Appletot is working hard to save the future. Every morning at 6:30 a.m. a small box sent from the future appears on Tommy’s doorstep. Inside the box is a set of directions Tommy has to follow for that day. The year is 2350 something and James Brickenpicker is […]Continue Reading