Time Prison
In the year 2150 we discovered the perfect place to send all of our violent criminals – 3000 years into the future after man has already been made extinct by some unknown force. Twenty years of sending every violent prisoner to the exact same day in the future has created a prison world in which a several hundred thousand violent men eventually land in the same place on the same day. They are sent to land in various coordinates -placing them directly into their cell – across a vast walled prison which has no warden and android guards. Andrew Rickard is one of those prisoners. But something went wrong and Andrew has landed outside the wall. What he finds beyond the wall is both surprising and infuriating as he realizes the real reasons we’ve sent all of these dangerous men into the future.

Story Questions

  • How large of a prison would it take to hold that many humans?
  • How do the men and women react to all showing up at the same time in this new world?
  • What happened to create the extinction of man?
  • What real reason might we have for such a ridiculous way of handling our most violent citizens?
  • Do the prisoners turn violent or find a way to make it work?
  • What does Andrew find beyond that wall?

Feel free to speculate in the comments below!

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