I’ve been working on my novel a lot lately, which is a time travel mystery/thriller. I’m currently about 200 pages in, and I’m satisfied that I’ve avoided a lot of sci-fi tropes so far. It’s a complicated sci-fi subject with a lot of moving parts.

If I’m being honest, the 7 ideas below are insanely weak. I’ll revisit this post sometime later this week. But if you’d like some better ideas, I’ve got a better list here: 10 time travel ideas.

Here are 7 sci-fi ideas…

  1. A man travels to the past solely in order to create a duplicate of himself. But the duplicate has an evil side and forces the man to swap places, taking his life in the future.
  2. An entire family time leaps to one hundred years into the future, only to find earth has been evacuated.
  3. A man travels back in time in order to murder someone who ruined his life, knowing he’ll have a great alibi.
  4. A man finds a time machine that a time traveler has hidden in the shed behind his house. He inadvertently damages it and the time traveler shows back up to the broken machine.
  5. A time traveler travels back in time in order to leave a hard drive with the richest man on earth, full of technological designs and secrets he knows the man has the resources to develop, much earlier than they were originally developed.
  6. A time traveler from far into the future (a few million years) shows up in present-day New York City. He’s surprisingly alien in appearance and has powers that we could have after a million years of evolution.
  7. A scientist invents the first time machine and immediately shows up to warn himself not to use it.



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