It’s apparently been a year since I made a post to this website. That’s kind of hard to believe.

Not that it’s been an unproductive year.

I read more this past year.
I wrote more.
I lived a little more.
I spent time in VR.
I spent more time in reality.

Most of my writing this past year has been related to my novel. Parts of it are on this site. But it’s evolved substantially since those first pages. I like to think I’m a better writer or at least a better editor. My goal is to finish my first novel by my birthday in September. I think I might actually make it this time because this is the first story that’s really stuck. I’ve managed to write every day for about three months. So I’m thinking I might use this blog as a journal of sorts to share the most important year yet of my writing journey.

With that said… here’s a quick list of…

5 sci-fi story starters written in five minutes…

  1. A man builds a realistic robot version of himself with an A.I. capable of living his life for him.
  2. A time travel adventure goes wrong and sends the traveler so far into the future that the earth is not inhabited by a far different dominant species.
  3. A man sells new memories to help depressed people remember their lives as better than they really were.
  4. Aliens from another planet manage to teleport their planet into the same orbit as earth.
  5. A scientist with multiple personalities manages to create clones of himself, and export his individual personalities into each clone.

That’s all I could produce in 5 minutes. But I think I particularly like #4 and #5.

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