My favorite place to find inspiration and motivation for my writing is by listing to existing published authors. And the best place to find those authors is podcasts. Below are five of my favorites. I’ve honestly had a hard time finding science fiction-specific writing podcasts, but within this list below you’ll find interviews with many great sci-fi writers (as well as writers from every other genre).

How Writers Write
This is perhaps my favorite writing podcast. Brian at HappyWriter is an incredibly awesome interviewer. He interviews bestseller authors and gets into the details of how they write, what motivates them, and how they manage their writing lives in general.

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt
Andrew Chamberlain also does excellent writer interviews, but he gets into the nitty-gritty of the actual mechanics of writing a little more than How Writers Writer. This is a must-listen for new writers who really want to improve their craft.

I Should Be Writing
Looking for a daily podcast habit? Mur Lafferty updates an almost daily podcast with excellent writing advice. Some are long, and some are short, but this Hugo award-winning author can give you a daily window into the world of writing with great stories, interviews, and advice. And she’s been doing so for 17 years!

Fiction Writing Made Easy
Fiction writing is anything but easy, but Fiction Writing Made Easy is a great resource for at least making it a little easier. There’s a new episode each week with advice and strategies that will help you become a better writer. Whether you’re a new writer, or a seasoned author looking to improve your craft, you’ll find plenty of useful advice here.

Writers Ink
Writers, Inc is yet another great interview-style podcast in which authors across all genres are featured in a weekly format.


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