Alien Invasion Story Ideas/Writing Prompts

Aliens are not our friends

An alien species starts communicating with us from afar. Over a period of twenty years, in which we believe they are friendly, we prepare for their eventual arrival.

The Ocean Aliens

Aliens invade who can only live in the water.

The Returned

Hybrid humanoid aliens come to earth, the product of cross-mating with abducted humans from the past.

Alien Kingdom

Aliens invade and successfully take over one continent before being pushed back and confined to that area (possibly hindered by disease).

Alien Ark

An alien “ark” of sorts arrives, full of thousands of new species.

Savior Aliens

A savior alien race appears, promising to deliver humans from all of their worries (such as work, disease, etc…)

Ancient Human Race

Aliens from an ancient human race that left earth before the ice age return.

The New Martians

An Alien race settles mars before we have a chance to. After years of cohabitating with our new neighbors, they decide we’re next.

Fake Alien Visitors

In an effort to undermine the U.S. government, a group of the world’s billionaires develops a surprisingly convincing alien invasion.

Alien Creators

An alien species arrives claiming to be our creators


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