This is not so much an exercise of creativity, but of memory and research. I thought it might be interesting to think of all of the ways life as we know it might end. Many of these are no doubt simplistic, well-known, and all-out sci-fi tropes. Just figured it’d be great to get them all in one place. This list will probably start out small, but I’m going to keep adding to it for a few days. If you see anything missing, feel free to note it in the comments.

1. A ship larger than Earth simply flies into us
2. A new ice age forms, covering the earth in ice
3. A virus mutates a starts killing everyone and everything
4. A virus mutates and causes zombies who kill everything else
5. God raptures everyone
6. Global warming causes a new great flood that drowns all above-water life
7. Global warming causes a break in the atmosphere that makes the earth too hot of a place to live
8. A large pocket of gas we didn’t know existed under the ocean and is all of a sudden leaking from the core, up into the atmosphere, making like inhabitable.
9. A.I. robots take over and kill us all
10. A comet takes us all out
11. Earth somehow falls out of orbit with the sun
12. All of the animals on the planet suddenly turn on humans
13. A high pitched sound coming from somewhere out in space slowly drives people mad, until we start killing each other.
14. All babies are suddenly stillborn
15. The earth suddenly losses gravity
16. Something vicious suddenly starts replicating and growing inside every human
17. A new brain enhancement chip becomes the newest fad, but it causes men to kill each other
18. A new charismatic leader immerges and organizes a new world order. But he or she is really an alien set on leading us to our own destruction
19. A new nanotechnology is weaponized to allow terrorists the ability to infect people with a digital virus
20. Aliens show up, and decide there’s not enough room for us and them
21. Earth picks a war with a not-so-far-off planet, thinking they are weaker. A thirty-year war ensues that we ultimately lose.
22. 200 years into the future we’ve learned to successfully transfer our souls into androids capable of living forever. Unfortunately, our android bodies require a resource that’s no longer available and we’ve long stopped reproducing naturally.
23. A large astroid hits the moon, which in turn sends it out of orbit.

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