Personal productivity robots

In the year 2068, humans hardly work if they can help it. Laws have been put in place dictating that every robot must be assigned a salary, and that salary must be applied to a real person. Most humans manage to acquire a work surrogate android that can do their job for them. But for those that don’t, work is still required.

Abandoned Earth

By the year 3122 Earth has been long abandoned by intelligent life. Having ruined nearly every planet humans have colonized, a group of star travelers has returned. However, with humans having been gone so long, certain other vicious predators have multiplied to a number that makes re-colonizing earth a challenge.

The Last Nation

In the year 2200 a new empire has formed. Almost every nation has been conquered by one nation named The United Empire. There’s little threat of rebellion, as most of the world’s resources are controlled by the empire. But a new rule, meant to further suppress the people, has led to a new potential uprising.

The 100-year war

In the year 2140 the world has been at war for 100 years. Nearly every nation has sacrificed at least half of its population to what is increasingly becoming a muddy and lost cause.

Shared Reality Implants

In the year 2220, mankind has a new technology allowing two minds to coexist completely connected in thought. Most have no desire to connect in such a way, but many do under the pressure of their significant others.

Twenty Four Hour Awakeness

In the year 2150, an operation/treatment is available allowing humans to remain awake for 24 hrs, no longer needing rest. But the side effects are simply delayed and after ten years of what’s appeared to be a success, the sleep-less have started losing their minds.

The Virus Solitude

In the year 2090, the entire earth is plagued by a virus that kills one of every three it infects. No cure has been found, leading to a worldwide society of shut-ins.

The Collapse of Nations

In the year 2190 the earth has turned into a planet of factions ranging from unorganized micronations to lands of full disorganization and anarchy. Distrust and conspiracy theories have infected nearly every individual.

The intelligence upgrade

In the year 2120, implants are available that can instantly increase a person’s IQ, but these upgrades are reserved for a privileged and exclusive upper-class. This has led to an underground operation of organized crime that kidnaps the artificially intelligent, removes their chips, and implants them in their own people.

Future of Longer Lifespans

The average lifespan six centuries from now is over three hundred years, with some living as long as four hundred. In addition to the use of temporary suspended animation, this has allowed humankind to travel much farther into the universe than ever imagined.

Predestined A.I. Future

One hundred years from now, A.I. controls the entire projection of humanity by influencing nearly every decision, all based on ideals of the past generations. No decisions are made without the use of a computer algorithm. This has led to a world we believe to be “perfect”. But one man just decided to ignore the algorithm.

Android Surrogate Parents

In the year 2120 we no longer entrust children with unfit parents. Instead, we take children from the poor and send them to live with android parents, who are funded by the government, and better equipped to raise children based on supposed superior parenting technics.

Underwater Civilization War

In the year 2430 underwater civilizations are thriving. But competition for resources above the waterline have grown fierce. The underwater nations are competing for the same farmland above.

Underground Civilization

In the year 2330, most humans live in underground communities that shield them from harmful radiation from the sun. Some jobs still have to be performed on the surface by workers who wear protective gear. Now the first true city-sized dome has been constructed, and a lottery is being held to decide who gets to live above ground.

First settlers of mars

Ten years before settling mars, we sent up an army of construction robots to prepare the planet and make it inhabitable. For some reason, they’ve stopped communicating with earth. Now we must send a team to investigate.

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2 years ago

Abandoned earth stories are always very interesting to me, revolving around the experience of reclaiming a home that was engulfed by some disaster. Liu Cixin’s short story “The Wandering Earth” is a great twist on this concept: humanity “abandons” earth – or, what we think of earth – by moving it out of the solar system to avoid an impending catastrophe.