Tom Spackman had always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. He’d read countless books and articles on it and had even built his own rudimentary time machine in his backyard shed. But despite all of his efforts, Tom had never been able to make it work.

One day, Tom stumbled upon an ad for a time travel agency offering trips to any point in history, and the prices were surprisingly affordable. He was hesitant but decided to take a chance and give it a try.

Tom called the agency and spoke to an agent who helped him book a trip to the year 2035. He was thrilled at the prospect of finally seeing the future, and couldn’t wait for his departure date.

When the day came, Tom arrived at the agency’s headquarters and was ushered into a sleek, futuristic-looking room. The representative handed him a small device that looked like a watch, and explained that it was a time-traveling device that would allow him to move through time.

Tom put on the device and felt a strange tingling sensation as it activated. Suddenly, he was transported to the year 2035. The world around him had changed dramatically, and John was amazed by the incredible sights and sounds that greeted him.

He spent the next few days exploring the future, marveling at the incredible advancements in technology and society. He met fascinating people and saw things he never could have imagined. On his third day he was sitting a cafe when the most beautiful woman named Ellen took his order. By the end of the meal he worked up the courage to ask her if she’d like to meet him after work for drinks. She said yes, and the two had an amazing evening that left Tom regretting his eventual return to his own time.

Eventually, it was time for Tom to return to the present. He reluctantly activated his time-traveling device and found himself back in the agency’s headquarters. The representative congratulated him on a successful trip. But John could only think of Ellen and decided immediately that he had to return to the future. He quickly renewed the activation of his time travel watch and headed back to 2035.

Tom’s excitement for his trip to the future quickly turned to fear and disappointment as soon as he arrived back in 2035. The world he anticipated was not what he found. Instead, he was met with a desolate wasteland, filled with ruin and destruction.

As he wandered the desolate streets, Tom soon realized that the time travel agency had sent him to an alternative version of the future that had been ravaged by a catastrophic event. He could only imagine what had caused such devastation, but it was clear that humanity had been all but wiped out.

Ellen was surely not among the living, and Tom was desperate to return to the present, but his time-traveling device had stopped working. He was trapped in this nightmare future, alone and without hope.

He wandered the wasteland for days, searching for any sign of life. But he found nothing. The only sounds he heard were the howling wind and the occasional haunting cry of a lone creature.

Tom was on the brink of despair when he stumbled upon a small group of survivors. They were living in a makeshift camp, barely clinging to life. They welcomed Tom into their group, but they were all too aware of the bleakness of their situation.

For months, Tom lived among the survivors, doing whatever it took to survive in this harsh world. But as time passed, it became clear that there was no hope for them. They were doomed to live out the rest of their days in this desolate future until eventually succumbing to the unforgiving environment.

Tom was consumed by regret. He realized too late the true nature of the time travel agency and the dangers of playing with the fabric of time. He had been foolish to believe their promises of adventure, and now he was paying the ultimate price.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Tom discovered a hidden underground laboratory. Inside, he found a team of scientists who had been working on a way to repair the damage to the time-space continuum.

They were thrilled to have Tom join their team, and they quickly set to work on repairing his time-traveling device. After many long days and nights, they finally succeeded.

With his device repaired, Tom was able to return to the present, where he was immediately greeted by Ellen, who had managed to get her own time travel watch to follow him into the past.

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