Today I’m going to do something a little different. Last night I watched The Diabolical which is really a very traditional horror movie with somewhat of a sci fi twist at the end. So I figured I’d do a list of horror story writing prompts.

  1. A writer’s stories start haunting his closest friends and relatives, until he starts writing different endings.
  2. A teen ghost haunts a high school on the anniversary of his death by a local bully.
  3. A robot in the year 2090 something holds a family hostage, only for the to realize it’s possessed by a dead family member.
  4. A pianist dies in an accident after his hands are chopped off. When his spirit realizes that his hands are missing, he repossesses his dead body and starts hunting people and chopping off their hands, and attaching them to his stubs in order to try and find new hands he can play the piano with.
  5. A mad scientist successfully attaches a human head to monkey’s body and cages him under his house…

That’s all I’ve got. They’re a little cheesy. But hey, I work on these for like ten minutes. And I actually kinda like #4.

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