The year is 2020 something and Daniel Fogner just sent a radio wave into space expecting it to reach a base station on Mars. The only problem is that it never made it. Using a new scanning technology that can determine the bounce point of a wave, Daniel bombards the area in which he sent the signal with multiple radio waves. The data he receives back is shocking. It appears to be an outline of what can only be a cloaked alien space station.

Meanwhile 13-year-old Nathan Redding believes he’s just a normal kid. Adopted as an infant Nathan is being raised by a wealthy couple in a high-rise New York condominium. But after a small sailing accident Nathan’s doctors determine that he has several strange abnormalities. His family and the doctors start to question his origin.

Unknown to Nathan’s friends and family, and even Nathan himself, the aliens placed him on earth as an infant in order to monitor how his Alien self develops in earth’s environment with the hopes of one day settling our planet themselves.

But they didn’t expect to be found out so soon.

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2 years ago

Imagine how it wasn’t long since machines that allowed undersea travel was only available to read on paperbacks. Now, many sea explorations are done through submarines, which were invented because someone got inspired by a science-fiction novel.