Sometimes I have an idea for a story that I’d prefer to keep to myself. But when I started this site I decided to be open and share my ideas. A huge reason I don’t mind sharing ideas on this site, or worry about them being used, is that a good story is more about character development than anything else. My favorite ideas are the ones where I immediately feel the potential for character development. It’s probably just me, but this is a story that I feel has a lot of potential for great character development.

The year is 2035 and Danny Smitherman works for a secret division of NASA that believes they’ve just made contact with an alien planet. The first transmission received is a response to a series of math problems broadcast from Danny’s lab. In turn he responds with more math – an algorithm that when solved displays a geometric 3d image of a human. Shortly after sending the algorithm he receives a transmission written in English. Discouraged that he’s somehow communicating with humans on earth, Danny responds with a video asking for clarification on who’s he’s communicating with. But when they do the same, Danny realizes he communicating with anywhere but earth.

Years prior to Danny’s contact, a series of alien abductions from earth resulted in the cloning of humans and the growth of an earth-like world light years away. And the human’s there have no idea that their ancestors are from our little planet. Danny’s communication sets off a dangerous attempt to connect the two worlds.

Story Idea Questions

  • Will the two worlds be compatible?
  • What kind of space travel might there be in a story like this? Or do we connect the worlds by teleportation using advanced technology on the new planet?
  • While our motives are pure curiosity, what motives might the other planet have for wanting a relationship with Earth?
  • How will the aliens who created the new world respond to our finding and meddling with their creation?
  • What kind of advanced technologies might the newer planet have?
  • What cultural differences exist between the two worlds? For example does the new planet have marriage? Religion?
  • What types of characteristics between the two worlds are surprising similar?


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3 years ago

Definetely lots of opprutunity for character development. I love this site, but as of December 8th, you have not posted for 156 days. I love this site so much, but there has been recent inactivity.