Intergalactic Drone Spy

The year is 2540 and we no longer wonder if we’re alone in the world. During a rapid period of improvements in planetary research capabilities we’ve discovered nine planets known to have earth-like life. But we know we must be careful in making first contact. A federation of international scientist have deployed spy drones to all nine planets to remotely explore and send video and data back to earth. Four of the planets are shown to have intelligent life possibly more advanced than earths. Unfortunately one of them captured our drone and sent us a message we weren’t prepared to hear.

Long Distance Space Travel Story

We’re ten years into colonizing our first new planet. Scientist have long solved the problem of high speed intergalactic space travel. Jasper Rogers is an astronaut on a unique team assigned to be the first humans to travel farther than we’ve ever traveled before, to a galaxy much different than our own. Unfortunately, we were never meant to travel that far.

Cryogenic Space Travel Story

Cooper Anderson is the lone pilot of a large ship carrying 10,000 cryogenic frozen passengers on a 1000 year mission to a new home planet. Each pilot flies for two years before returning to cryogenic sleep. Cooper is pilot number 234 and he’s just realized that he’s somehow off-course and that he’s possibly not alone.

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

D-rock’s an intergalactic bounty hunter on the search for a notorious assassin who escaped from the galaxy’s toughest prison planet. But his ship’s broken down on one of the most dangerous planets on the outer edges of galaxy Messier 81. But little does he know, he’s close to his target. Real close. A close encounter with the target sets off an intergalactic cat and mouse chase that tests the wits of both men.

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