John Knows the Future

John MacSmith has a burden unlike that of any other person. He knows the future of all of those closest to him. Or more accurately he sees all for their possibilities. He sees the immediate future of his children, his wife, his parents… And he has the ability to change it. But one change sets off a chain reaction of another one. Preventing one death potentially causes another. The pressure is great and the thoughtfulness his burden leaves him is a great responsibility.

The Curse

Ed Nedrickson has been cursed. He must die heroically once a month or risk dying a more humble death for good. But unfortunately he’s having a particularly peaceful month, and having a hard time finding a way to die.

The Utopia Burden

In the year 2120 a secret society from Earth sets off to a newly discovered but secret planet where they start a utopia. For two hundred years its a resounding success. No famine, no poverty, cured illness, no wars. Then they are found by the world their parents and grandparents left behind.

The Beginning Man

Don Martinfeld can’t remember having never been an adult. In the year 2002 he was in a car wreck where he hit is head leaving him with a severe case of amnesia. With no recollection of his childhood and no one around him knowing who he is, he goes on with his life and builds a new one. But strangely Don never ages. And then he has another wreck, another bump on the head, and it all comes back. He doesn’t age because he never ages. He hasn’t aged in 10,000 years. And it’s all coming back like a wave.

Frozen Earth

The second ice age has come. Earth’s population has dwindled to the thousands, most of whom are hunkered down on the last warm place on the planet where the heat comes from below.

The Land Invasion

In the year 2090 a secret experiment leads to a rapidly reproducing new species of giant feline that over a hundred year period manages to infect the entire earth. Thankfully these feline beasts hate water and can’t swim so man retreats to living above and below the water.

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