1. The government has secretly been genetically modifying humans that they raise and study in the basement of a building in New York. But one of their “experiments” has escaped.

2. On a distant planet a war is starting between two equally intelligent but physically different species. And a spaceship from Earth has just landed in the middle of the first battle.

3. A scientist creates a brain “accessory” that can instantly boost the IQ and performance of any brain.

4. A mad scientist invents a machine that instantly mutes all sound in the world.

5. A massive underground civilization is discovered under Antarctica. The inhabitants are humanoid, but not human.

6. A crew from Earth that’s been in a deep cryogenic sleep for 2 million years awakens in the far depths of the universe. It looks nothing like what we think of as space and the planet they land on is 10,000 times the size of Earth.

7. After 200 years of work the first man made planet is finished.

8. A hundred years from now a new planet is discovered just outside of our solar system that can easily support life. Now the two remaining world superpowers are racing against each other to finish space craft large enough to migrate large numbers of people in order to be the first to claim the planet as 100% their own.

9. A chemical reaction deep within the earth starts to eliminate our gravitational pull. It’s a slow process. But we must adjust to our new weightless world.

10. A father reveals to the rest of his family that he’s been recruited by alien visitors to serve as earth’s ambassador on their planet. His family thinks he’s crazy and he really has no proof. Regardless, he starts preparing himself and them for the trip.

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