The year is 2120 something and it’s been twenty-five years since an Alien virus hit Earth. The majority were genetically immune. However the virus managed to kill 33% of the Earth’s population. But a small group of fifty-five individuals survived despite being infected. Rather than grow sick those 55 grew stronger, wiser, and virtually indestructible, creating the worlds first super hero class of humans.

Now twenty-five years later the world has had time adjust to the amazing abilities of these fifty-five god-like individuals. Quick to take advantage of their popularity, mental and physical abilities, thirty-five of them have become presidents or dictators of the Earths most powerful nations. Some have good intentions. Some do not. As such the world is on the brink of a new war-to-end-all-wars led by super intelligent leaders who can’t be destroyed.

The remaining twenty choose to lurk in the shadows but soon may have to step into the light to join the fight against the most evil of their new kind. And one of them may have the key to getting them all back into check.


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