Future Invisible Inhabitants

A scientist creates a time machine and travels into the future where he finds a world that looks far more advanced than ours (which it should… it’s the future). However, despite everything looking clean, organized and new, he can’t find anyone. But they are there. He just can’t see them because they’ve discovered how to remain invisible. And the reasons they feel the need to be invisible are terrifying.

Time Travel Cures

A man from the future uses a time machine to offer sick rich people a trip into the future where their illnesses can be cured. But his motivations are different than they appear. And while most of them are cured of their illnesses, they’ve brought something from the future back with them.

Forbidden Future Technology

A man from the future secretly sells future technology to wealthy individuals. But some of it is technology that we’re not quite ready for.

Missing Time Travelers

To save his children a mad scientist sends them into the future. Now 20 years later he’s ready to greet them in the place and time that he sent them. Except they don’t arrive.

Time Travel Plagiarism

A famous and wealthy author in the year 2120 has run out of ideas. He’s hit writer’s block hard. So he buys a two way ticket to travel thirty years into the future where he stays for a month taking notes on recent best sellers from that time in order to plagiarizer them.

Time Traveling Android God

The year is 2018 but vastly different than the world we know. This alternative present was started when a high level A.I. android traveled from the future to the year 1200 and presented himself as a God. Being an immortal android he successfully controls the world, leading to a vastly different world than the one we know. But some know of this legend, and the time travel he used to travel to the past has now been discovered in present time.

Outlawed Time Travel

The year is 2005 and time travel has been outlawed. This 2005 is much different than the one we’re familiar with. After the year 2090 life on earth changed in every year dating to the dawn of man and extending to the end of times. Time travel created an infinite and ever changing wave of new time dimensions, each with their own unique creations, issues, and outcomes. The future became the past, and old influences of the past changed futures. Now the man who made that time travel possible thinks he’s created a way to travel not only through time, but also through the infinite dimensions his initial creation has already created.

Time Travel Diplomat

In the year 2121 and Tom Waterfeld is a time travel diplomat. Using a specific set of time travel rules Tom travels through time and attempt to prevent disasters created by bad politics. And he must do so without further damaging the future he’s trying to improve.

Virtual Time Travel

The year is 2200 and while time travel is not yet possible, Carter Snapperson has discovered that it is possible to at least see the past and he’s created a virtual reality device to do just that. However after “traveling” back in time virtually to several key historical events, Carter realizes that much of the past is far different that what we have recorded in the history books.

The Time Travel Experience Executive

In the year 2145 Jonathan Cowell has a dream job. For a large fee Jonathan creates “experiences” in which the worlds wealthiest time travel tourists can hire him to opportunities for them to meet their idols of the past. It’s harder than it sounds. Some of these idols are hard people to get in front of. And one new tourist has given him a particularly challenging assignment.

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4 years ago

Can I use Forbidden Technology? I’m really drawn into that one!

Charles J Arena
Charles J Arena
4 years ago

Virtual time travel is a good idea since it deals with the idea of a parallel or a different universe that ours or one that has been somewhat altered by journeys and changes through time. Time travel plagiarism is an interesting concept since I enjoy writing and have an affinity to famous works and short stories and what some of these may works will be in the future. My idea: A group of aliens has been on earth several weeks and they are trying to learn about the earth in the present year while it is the year 2170 on… Read more »

Raymond Ciu
Raymond Ciu
3 years ago

I have a story line of an android detective following the trail of a crazed scientist bent on destroying the world. The scientist has created a time machine with which he sends an anti matter bomb thousands of years into the past. The detective is able to jump into the time stream and follow to where the bomb ends up. The detective is able to neutralize the bomb, but is now stuck in the past. Luckily the detectives android battery has enough power to essentially live to the time this all started. Now he faces the dilemma of should he… Read more »