Jacob’s an avid reader. And he has a unique gift – the ability to put himself into and back out of a good story.

But his latest book’s taken over, and as things go south he can’t get out of the story.  He’s the book’s main character – a space cadet in which he and a fellow cadet are on the run from the pursuit of an evil alien android space biker gang. As Jacob escapes, the gang manages to kill his fellow cadet. But unfortunately, his only hope of escaping the overall story is to track down and kill every member of the space biker gang and avenge his friend’s death. Thankfully he has a library worth of sci-fi experience to pull from.

Story Idea Questions….

  • What kind of tone does this story have? A vengeful dark vigilante justice type feeling? Or a desperate race against time feeling?
  • How large of a biker gang are we talking? Do they have personalities? Or are they more android and emotionless in nature?
  • What kind of relationships does Jacob make during the process of hunting these guys? Does he have help?
  • Does Jacob start to feel connected to this story world he’s become trapped in? Does he want to stay by the end of the story?
  • What’s going on in the outside world while Jacob is stuck in the book? Assuming he’s young, how does his family react to him missing? Does it matter?


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