The year is 3160 something and there are only around 100,000 people left on earth. A massive android war has resulted in the death of most of the human population. However two societies still exist in constant war with one another. One has mostly fled to a colony on the moon but desperately wishes to return to earth. The other is a highly guarded underground civilization still on earth. Both societies have massive automated droid building facilities on earth that continue to develop robotic soldiers. It’s been over twenty years since the last human fled the surface of earth. But the robots remain and fight everyday.

Edgar Readybicker is a junior hacker working for the underground earth society. But his status is about to be upgraded. He’s on the verge of completing a program that will allow him to steal control of the moon colony android army and their factories. But Edgar has confided his plans in the wrong person. And moon colony spies hiding among his people have just attempted to assassinate him.

In order to flee the assassins Edgar is forced to step foot aboveground, on land that most humans haven’t walked on in over two decades. He’s on the run to try and find a secret subterranean community where he can complete his work and put an end to over three hundred years of fighting.

Will Edgar make it to safety? Or find himself a victim in a violent android war?

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