It’s the year 4030 something, 400 years into the alien invasion that has nearly obliterated the human race. Those that remain are forced into a slave existence, working for the aliens in the dreaded amber mines. But one man, Sylus Knickerbocker has a gift that until recently he’s never told anyone about. He can read the aliens’ minds. So far he’s been able to use his ability to manipulate his way into slave positions working near the most important of the alien leadership. And for the past ten years he’s been planning a rebellion based on the intelligence he’s gathered with his special talent.

As time for the rebellion approaches Sylus becomes increasingly paranoid that the aliens are onto him. He confides in a few close friends the most important information he’s collected over the years. But one of them stabs him in the back and Sylus finds himself on the run.

Will he succeed in his quest? Or find himself working deeper in the mines?

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