1. Aliens from a destroyed planet find earth and decide to inhabit it. But they only live in very cold temperatures and must use a climate change device to send earth back into an ice age.

2. Peter learns that his dad is really an alien from another planet. But the hard thing is that on this planet they turn into lizard looking species on their 30th birthday. Peter is 29.

3. Three hundred years into the future a robot-fought world war has broken out. As a result many humans die and the remaining humans have retreated underground and developed massive hidden underground societies in order to live in peace while the robots fight it out above.

4. 400 years after colonizing mars we start the first inner-solar-system war between earth and mars.

5. The richest man in 2400 something has constructed a space station capable of housing over a million people. But before we can move in it’s seized by aliens.

6. A time traveler goes on a mission to find the missing link. But instead when he goes back he finds a far more intelligent civilization which is actually in the process of packing up and moving to another planet.

7. A mad scientist genetically engineers a race of humans that can live underwater. After 200 years we have our first war between the dry land and deep space.

8. In the year 2130 something humans have started communicating telepathically using special hats that pretty much everyone wears. There are no more secrets. But as a result much of the population is desensitized as we realize that everyone has pretty evil thoughts.

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