Below are 8 new science fiction ideas I came up with in about twenty minutes. Why 8 you ask? Because I only had 20 minutes. I actually think I like a couple of these, but would love to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me your comments in the comment section below. Also, I am compiling visitor-submitted ideas for an upcoming series of visitor-submitted posts. If you’ve got some new sci-fi ideas of your own, feel free to click on the submission tab above for a chance to be featured on the site.

Dangerous Interstellar Data

NASA invents an interstellar drone capable of traveling 1000x the speed of light, and equally as fast at sending images and data home. And it’s just landed on a planet like no other we’ve seen. The data it sends back is so dangerous and top secret that it could change everything we know or believe about ourselves, and it’s just been stolen.

The Dangers of the Android Family

An android powered by the world’s first true sentient A.I. builds his own family. With the realization that he’s capable of replicating himself so easily, the government immediately worries that the machines will grow too quickly in population and be completely outside of our control. But he manages to escape as his family is taken, and now he’s looking for them.

The New Neighbor

A tight nit neighborhood gets a new neighbor who doesn’t quite fit in. Pretty soon, other neighbors start noticing their children changing, growing increasingly strange, and increasingly capable of things they never imagined possible. Is the new neighbor the reason for the changes? Or is he there to stop it?

Fixing the Apocolypse

An inventor, on the verge of creating the perpetual energy machine inadvertently blows up an entire city, leaving nothing but a massive crater, and sending extinction-level dust into the atmosphere. But somehow, a small cult-like group of individuals saw the whole thing coming, are living in an underwater community in the great lakes, and believe they have a way to save humanity by going back in time to stop him before it happens.

Telepathic Politics

A doctor invents a brain chip to heal depression. But it’s quickly realized that the chip provides cognitive abilities that were both unintended, but also extraordinary. Most surprisingly they create the ability for those with the implants to telepathically communicate. Some people see this as a miracle while others believe it to be an abomination, essentially splitting the world between the telepathic and the non-telepathic.

The Underwater World

Back in the 1980s an eccentric billionaire secretly created an underwater society consisting of miles and miles of connected underwater terrariums beneath the frozen waters of Antarctica. The core group of original inhabitants all faked their deaths and have been living there for decades now. And he’s been growing the population by recruiting adults and children for decades. With no way to escape, those recruits, even the reluctant ones, are forced to make the best of the new society they’ve been brought into. With a territory of over 100 square miles, and a population now in excess of 100,000, many are starting to revolt in hopes of making their way back to dry land above the waterline.

The Magician

In a small town in rural Ohio, a man shows up one day with a circus tent and starts performing magic shows as no one has ever seen. Soon folks start traveling from all over the U.S. to see him perform unimaginable miracles. But when a terrible tragedy happens right outside the tent, and he manages to bring a young man back to life, right in front of the audience, the town starts to question just exactly what kind of magic he’s performing.

The Dumb Earth

In the year 2230, a virus spreads, attacking the brains of citizens on every continent. But one nation manages to quickly create a vaccine. But the vaccine only provides prevention. It’s not a cure for the already infected and they can’t produce it fast enough to vaccinate anyone but their own citizens before most of the planet is reduced to a four-year level of intelligence. Now, twenty years later, that nation is at battle with the rest of the planet which is now living in the dark ages.



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