The year is 2560 something and Earth is on the brink of total extinction. So when a convoy of very tiny Aliens from a neighboring solar system show up offering our small remaining population the opportunity to migrate to their planet, we enthusiastically accept.

Once we arrive, we settle in a rain forest where the tiny aliens are apparently allergic to the large trees that tower over the land.

The first year in the forest of huge trees is awesome and our people thrive. However after the first anniversary on the new planet our people start to disappear.

At the same time a young man, Adam Doomparker, befriends one of the tiny aliens while exploring another region of the planet. The small alien tells him of an extinct species of cows that used to roam the towering forest. They apparently contracted a virus and all died off. Eventually the small alien also reveals that the trees in the forest survived off the meat from the cows. The small aliens are not allergic to the trees but actually require the unique oxygen produced by the trees. Worried about their own extinction, they recruited the earthlings as a new food source for the trees.

Adam knows that revealing the truth to his fellow humans will most certainly lead to a huge conflict with the small aliens on their own planet. The small aliens also have significant technological advantages over the humans.

Can he come up with a plan to save both societies? Will the humans vacate or stay and fight for a new homeland?

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