The year is 2230 something and Mars has a migration problem. Since the decline of The United State and overpopulation of Asia many have been fleeing to the neighboring planet which was originally founded as a joint Russian/American space colony. But the colony has grown. And with a population of over 300 million the influx of new migrants is putting the infant civilization in danger of a population crisis.

Jason Finleysnider is the current president of Mars and is leading an effort for Mars to secede from their Russian/American governorship and operate as a completely independent nation planet. This of course is not acceptable to the home planet nations. So a war to end all wars is brewing. And to complicate matters, the leaders on mars have been plotting this for quite sometime. In plenty of time actually to have implanted hidden nuclear devices all over Earth that can be controlled from Mars.

Will Jason be able to diplomatically settle his issues with his Earthly leaders? Or will he be forced to make a decision that could alter the future of humanity?

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