Around the 6th grade a friend of mine suggested that most aliens are not actually from outer space. They’re from the future.

Which kind of makes sense. There are tons of UFO sightings in the sky. We don’t have any satellite images of them flying around in space. Time travel is almost always depicted on the ground. But that doesn’t make sense. The ground changes. Real time travelers would do it in the sky and then land.

My own theory as to why grey aliens always look just a little different in various “real photos” is because they are different travelers from different times in the history of human evolution.

Of course, this is not an original idea, so for the sake of this blog I will take it a step further. If aliens are indeed time travelers, I have no reason not to believe that some humans are indeed androids placed here by alien/time travelers in order to change certain outcomes of the future.

I have no doubt Tom Cruise knows the truth. In fact, I think he’s one of the androids.

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