One theme that I think is unfortunately ignored a lot in modern science fiction is the idea of underwater civilizations. I think that might be because of the really creepy idea of living underwater. And its dark…

Regardless, I’ve wondered if we’ll indeed one day inhabit the ocean floor. In my own mind I’ve pictured a large network of huge glass domes with small cities underneath. But how would we could get a dome underwater that’s large enough to build a small town within? I think the answer is a large 3D printing robot. We’re already experimenting with printing buildings on land. If at some point in the distant future we were able to create an underwater robot capable of printing a thick plexiglass like material, then we could theoretically inhabit the ocean floor.

Basically you print a huge dome, pump all of the water out, and BOOM, instant dry land.

Illustration by the awesome Klaus Bürgle

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