The year is 6090 something.

The last human passed on earth sometime in the 3050s. Since that time the planet has been discovered and inhabited by transient aliens from a small planet on the outermost limits of our solar system. But one of these aliens, Snarg Snifferbottom, has been experimenting with time travel and is seeking permission from the high commander to travel back in time in order to learn more about the humans they know once inhabited the earth.

The high commander grants permission for a test mission. But the mission is complicated because he can’t be discovered by the inhabitants of whatever time he travels back to. But things go wrong when the time machine malfunctions and he ends up stuck in the year 2620 something. Now he must assemble a small team of scientists to help him figure out what went wrong and get back to his own time.

But in the process he reveals to the humans the demise of their own species and the cause, threatening the survival of his own people three thousand years in the future.

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