The year is 2030 something. Or is it? Finley Snotterwhipple has awoken with a stranger in his bed and items in his room that weren’t there yesterday. It seems that throughout the world people have awoken to find strangers in their homes. And there homes are not the same. But what has really happened is that two times have collided in the space time continuum. The strange man in Finley’s room is a man from the 1943. And he also once lived in Finley’s home.

Every structure that existed in both time periods seems to have merged time. The outside world is also a strange combination of old and new buildings. And those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, seem to be in no time at all now.


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Ujjar Singh
Ujjar Singh
4 years ago

Can I use this for a short film? There won’t be any copyright issues yeah?