Before getting into my list of writing prompts from this week, I wanted to mention that the past few weeks I’ve been insanely inspired by short films on Dust (a really awesome youtube channel if you’ve never been there) It’s definitely had an impact on the way I think about science fiction. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Dust, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

BUT before you do that, definitely check out these 25 sci fi writing prompts.

  1. A space traveler steals a one of a kind cloning a machine and retreats to an abandoned planet where he duplicates himself into a massive army.
  2. A man who never dies finally makes it to being the last man on earth
  3. A man reveals to his children that they are virtual reality simulations.
  4. An evil mad scientist uses his time machine to travel to the past in order to warn and strengthen the most evil rulers of past history.
  5. Two astronaut diplomats travel to two different alien planets with the mission of assimilating and negotiating the admittance of refugees from a quickly failing earth which has reached the end of it’s life.
  6. Using a nano-chip technology an evil mad scientist discovers a way to enter and take control of the minds and bodies of other individuals.
  7. A man realizes he has the ability to be the host body for deceased spirits.
  8. Body swapping becomes a popular (although controversial) new fad.
  9. Scientist have discovered a way to weaponize viruses and target specific genetics.
  10. In the distant future, a secret society of geneticists have worked together to create a new super race of human, however rather than bother with earth, they secretly worked with the U.S. to launch their new race on a far off planet.
  11. A new space race has formed between the U.S. and Russia after a team of scientists discover a way to bend space and travel at insane speeds, and their research is leaked online.
  12. A small but humanoid-like ancient deep ocean society is discovered. They rarely reproduce, which is the reason for their small numbers, but they live far longer than surface humans.
  13. A mad scientist at the end of his life uses a robot to dissect his body, remove his brain, and place it in a new and superior android body.
  14. Years after retreating to a far out and secret remote island, a man decides to return to the mainland, only to find a vastly different civilization.
  15. A guy named Ed wakes up in a different body and told that he’s been in a coma for many years, leading him to believe that the life he’s known might have been a dream (or was it?)
  16. Randy’s been hearing voices in his head for years, but they’ve recently stopped so he’s been discharged from the mental hospital. Now, only weeks after returning to a normal life, Randy has just heard one of the voices. But it’s not in his head. It’s from a man in front of him at the grocery store.
  17. A group of individuals are living in a sea lab at the bottom of the ocean while the Earth is invaded by aliens.
  18. Years after humans have settled a far off planet, a teleportation device is installed on earth and the other plan for individuals to move back and forth instantly.
  19. After discovering a way to view (but not visit) other dimensions, it’s one man’s job to research those dimensions and report his finding to a top secret government agency. However he’s just discovered one dimensions that challenges everything and he’s not sure he should report it.
  20. In order to conserve valuable resources a new law is created to harvest people’s brains at 30 years old, connect them to a network and load them into a virtual world where they live for however long their brain survives (which for many is in the hundreds of years).
  21. A group of aliens show up and announce that earth is a failed experiment but that they do have a list of individuals to take back with them before they use massive ships to push the earth into the sun.
  22. A family of mind readers is thrown into turmoil when the father finally thinks about a memory he’s repressed for many years.
  23. An archeologist discovers a disk containing a massive catalog of video footage of many major events of the past several thousand years (probably left by a time traveler). Unfortunately the videos contradict much of what we’ve believed about the past 3000 years.
  24. A guy named Nathan visits a witch doctor who puts a spell on him that allows him to remember all of his past lives.
  25. A group settles into a space station setup specifically to save humans from an approaching astroid, which is only days from hitting earth. And they have no choice but to watch as the astroid slams into earth. Once it’s deemed safe, a crew travels down to earth to survey the damage. But they find something far different than they expected.
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3 years ago

This post was truly worthwhile to read. I wanted to say thank you for the key points you have pointed out as they are enlightening.
Science is great alone, how much more added with a dash of imagination? Science fiction is definitely the genre that brings both heaven and hell to readers. Knowing that most of the events in the novels are inspired by the technological advancements from the past to the future, readers will never look at the novels the same way.
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The Don’ts in Writing a Science Fiction Novel

Hope this will help. Thank you.