Everyone wants to live forever. When I was a teenager my mom married a man I believe was an atheist. He wasn’t much of a reader so it was interesting that some of the only books he owned and proudly displayed were related to cults he believed were currently working on ways to live forever. He seemed particularly interested in Raëlism, which around that time claimed to have successfully cloned a human.

When my mom and this man divorced I took one of those books from his shelf. I believe it might be the only thing I’ve ever “stolen”. But while I’m not a believer in Raëlism or any similar cult beliefs, this particular book outlined the belief that we will eventually engineer ourselves into being capable of eternal life, or at least something close. I guess I thought it was interesting the time. I now believe it’s a worthless cause and a bad idea.

But it makes for great sci fi speculation and story ideas. So here are a few I thought up this past week.

Battle of the Temporaries vs. the Eternals

In a distant future scientists have discovered the cure to aging, which was quickly protected as a secret only available to the ultra-wealthy.  After a hundred years two factions of society have formed, the “eternals” and the “temporaries”. For a decade the temporaries have been trying to discover the secret but have failed. Now one man has emerged as a leader, prepared to lead his people on a mission to do what it takes to expose the secret of eternal life to all, regardless of their ability to pay. But the wealthy have means to fight and will stop at nothing to maintain their privilege.

Only The Worthy May Live Here

Tom Davidson lives in a three hundred year old house with a very special fountain in the backyard. For the past twenty years Tom has drunk from the fountain and not aged a day. In fact, for three hundred years the occupants of the home have drunk from the fountain while living in the house, and none of have aged past their thirty-year-old selves, even since passing the home onto the next occupant. And now it’s time for Tom to bestow this privilege onto the next owner. But there’s a responsibility in passing on such a privilege. And Tom must choose wisely.

No Births Allowed

In the year 2400 everyone has been alive for a very long time. The cure to aging has been around for over 100 years and it’s been close to 80 since everyone was made sterile and new births were outlawed. But Jessica McNoogle has just realized she’s pregnant. And she’s planning to go through with the birth. Forced into hiding, Jessica and her family struggle to devise a plan for concealing the birth and raising a child in a world were everyone looks at least twenty years old.

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3 years ago

Hi, I love your story prompts and was hoping you might be able to help me with a story. I wrote a short story about a man cryogenically frozen brought back to life in the future. I was made an offer, turn it into a novel, and they would publish it. I originally thought it would be similar to Repo Men. But now, I can’t come up with a way to turn it into a novel. It’s an awesome short and wondered if you had any suggestions. I’m thinking I’d like to incorporate nano-technology too. Thanks for any help you… Read more »