The year is 2130-something. And technologist/scientist professor Yazoo has developed a nanotechnology that allows him to secretly connect his brain to others by releasing small nano bots that enter sleeping subjects heads while they sleep and implant within their brains. His intentions for his invention are innocent enough. He simply uses the technology to read […]Continue Reading
It’s the year twenty-one-thirty-something and due to a man-made virus, all of the women in the world have gone sterile. As some of the world’s top scientists work on a cure, significant advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics have given the opportunity for wealthy individuals to “create” their perfect children. While these androids do not […]Continue Reading
Inventor Extraordinaire: Gernsback’s innovative mind extended beyond literature. He patented numerous devices, including an electrical hearing aid, a device to transmit images over wires (similar to modern television), and various radio-related inventions. His passion for technology was evident in his writing. In his magazine, Gernsback not only showcased science fiction stories but also published articles […]Continue Reading
Today’s idea was inspired by a very typical conversation in our office. The year is 2203 and the zombie apocalypse has essentially come and passed – at least temporarily. The world is frozen due to an overzealous scientist who had the monumental but ludicrous idea to freeze the earth in order to immobilize the zombies. The aftermath […]Continue Reading