I’m a huge fan of the youtube channel Dust. If you’ve never followed Dust, they have many great videos. But my favorites are probably almost always about robots. So I decided to hammer out a few quick robot ideas today. Pardon some of the silly names I’ve used in my ideas. I’ve found that it […]Continue Reading
 Original Alien story ideas are hard. At least they are for me. There’s just so much popular alien fiction, especially in film. But here’s an attempt at 35. I’m sure most of them are not fully original. Hopefully, they at least spark some imagination. Fake Invasion A sitting president fakes an alien invasion during […]Continue Reading
The Deadly Salesman A Traveling knife salesman starts knocking on doors in a small town. Some are receptive and kind to his sales pitch. Some slam the door in his face. But this particular salesman doesn’t take rejection well, and his knives are very sharp. Demon Nurse A Nurse/Witch puts a curse on a room […]Continue Reading