The Deadly Salesman

A Traveling knife salesman starts knocking on doors in a small town. Some are receptive and kind to his sales pitch. Some slam the door in his face. But this particular salesman doesn’t take rejection well, and his knives are very sharp.

Demon Nurse

A Nurse/Witch puts a curse on a room of babies. Now, on their sixteenth birthdays, they are suddenly bloodthirsty.

Terror on the Moon

A space station on the moon has gone dark. No one has heard from the crew in weeks. Now a rescue team has arrived and the moon crew is missing. Unknown to the rescue team, those they are trying to save have all gone mad, and are in hiding throughout the space station, waiting to murder each of the rescue team members.

Reincarnation Revenge

A girl is born as a reincarnation of a girl who was previously tortured and murdered. As she ages, more and more of the memories from her previous life resurface, and she learns that her murderer is still alive. Now she plans to recreate her abuse on her murder.

Telepathy Terror

A man capable of detecting the darkest fears of others takes pleasure in kidnapping them and seeing that they experience those fears.

Mistaken Identity

A man is kidnapped by a woman convinced that God has offered to heal her son’s cancer if she sacrifices an evil person. Unfortunately, he’s the wrong guy. But she wasn’t too far off and has now exposed herself to the truly evil person.

Cannibal for Hire

An elderly man, believing he can reverse his aging by feeding on the flesh of others, hires a young man to do his killing for him. Little does he know, the boy has his own appetite for human, and has set his eyes on the old man’s grown daughter and her family.

Torture for a Fee

A man offers people $100k dollars to torture them for one hour, promising not to do anything that permanently harms them.

The Murder To-Do List

A mom’s son is kidnapped, and she’s left a to-do list in order to “earn” him back. The list requires her to do evil things to others.

Scary Grandpa

A girl is taken in by her estranged grandfather after her mother dies. As she unravels things about his past, she worries she may be in danger. Little does she know, he’s not the thing she should fear the most, and there are deadlier reasons she hasn’t known him before now.

The Demon Guide

A boy has a portal to hell, or someplace like it, in his bedroom closet. Every night demons enter our world through his closet. The house is a 20,000 sq/ft mansion. The boy’s job, every night, is to lead them out of the house. But one night, he fell asleep too early and one of the demons is now lost.

Boarding School of Terror

A boy sent off to a private boarding school has the ability to implant evil thoughts in others. He uses his power to turn the other kids against each other. As his deeds quickly spiral out of his own control, the school becomes a place of horrific chaos.

Vacation of Terror

A man who has an accident on an exotic vacation wakes up in a hospital of horrors. But it’s a groundhog day of sorts, as no matter how many times he escapes, he wakes right back up in the hospital.

The Demon Psychic

A psychic uses her powers to identify the demons in people. She has the ability to pull them out of people (for a high fee) but only if she can find an unwitting soul to pass the demon onto. But now one has taken an interest in her and her only.

Murder Robots

A mad scientist engineer designs small murder robots he then sells under a secret identity on the black market, mostly for assassination purposes. But after a recent sale, the robots have somehow found their way home.

The Brain Farm

A mad scientist is harvesting the brains of intelligent people to build a mind hive of superintelligence. But combining that much brainpower comes with great responsibility he’s not prepared for.

The Terror Inn

A man checks into a hotel, only to find out most of the residents have been there for decades. The manager of the hotel holds a competition once a month, awarding the winner an escape, and the worst looser death.

Possessed Prison

A prison goes on lockdown after inmates start dying in gruesome ways. But the deaths keep occurring, even when the prisoners are supposedly safe behind the bars.

Seducing a Serial Killer

Entire families in one small town are being kidnapped and later found dead in other states. Now one man is obsessed with conning the killer to attempt to kidnap his family, so he can capture him. But like all bad plans, he gets more than he bargained for.

Haunted Hummels

A woman inherits a small collection of twisted miniature statues from an estranged aunt with directions not to get rid of them. But they’re so ugly. A man who’s learned of her possession of the figures begs her to sell them to him. She gives in, opening herself to a world of terror.


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Christine Graves
3 years ago

My name is Christine Graves and I’ve been doing writing prompts for over 20 years. I gotta say, I’m totally impressed with your list. I’ll be signing up and may even do a write up about your blog.
I’m always on the outlook for new writing ideas. I will be back.

Great job.